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Residential building

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Steel structure frame has the advantage of being durability, flexibility in design and sustainability. Steel structure frame system nowadays is popular and widely used in industry, commercial and residential building, which is formed by the primary steel framework of H-section, Z-section, C-section and secondary steel components linked up. Whether you need a prefab house, container house, or multi-storey building for residential purposes, steel structure frame can satisfy your functional requirements and exceed your visual expectations.


At BDSS, we can design and build steel structure buildings for businesses of all kinds. Our qualified and experienced engineers make our buildings economical and efficient. Our steel structure buildings are easily erected with pre-engineered pieces to eliminate unnecessary parts and reduce delivery time. We use grey oxide primer for the primary structural system and galvanized secondary structural systems. Multiple design options are available for all types of uses.


We cater for the design and fabrication of steelworks. We comply with GB standard and ISO standard for all the works to provide excellent and strong products. We are committed to satisfy your requirements and provide you with very competitive price.

Products and services:

* Drafting structural drawing and shop drawing

* Steel fabrication

* Precise welding : SAW / MIG

* Sand blasting and well painting

* Complete construction drawing for guide erection

* Pre-sale service and after-sale service 

Residential building
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