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Qingda Industry Park, Chengyang District, Qingdao, China

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  • Name: Steel structural fabrication for Cinema Studio


We participate in the fabrication of Wanda Oriental Cinema Studio in Qingdao. More Hollywood movies will be produced here in future. The main functional area of the Cinema Studio Industry Park includes 45 pcs studios of different sizes, one underwater studio,one outdoor shooting pool, King King workshop, post-production center, data center,etc. We prefabricate 15 pcs studios, the underwater studio, and some King King workshop.This is one of the most significant project in Qingdao in recent years.


All steel structures are prefabricated and customized. We could fabricate according to your drawing and requirement.Special section structural steel is available here,for example BOX beam,crossing column, cellular section beam. You also could order structural steel in oversea standard material from us, such as EN, DIN, ASTM, JIS standard. And what’s more, oversea sectional steel such as IPE, IPN, UB, and W beam also is available, if only meets the min order quantity 60T of each size.


Primary fabricaiton process: Cutting -> Assembly -> Submerged Arc Welding -> Straightening -> Ball Blasting -> Painting


BDSS has the capacity to provide 20,000 Tons of structure steelwork annual.

Our primary steel structure fabrication competencies are:

- H section steel beam

- BOX column

- Honeycomb beam

- Crossing section column

- Truss / Gantry

- Platform

- Special shaped steel structure


We cater for the design and fabrication of steelworks. We comply with GB standard and ISO standard for all the works to provide excellent and strong products. We are committed to satisfy your requirements and provide you with very competitive price.


Products and services:

* Drafting structural drawing and shop drawing

* Steel fabrication

* Precise welding : SAW / MIG

* Sand blasting and well painting

* Complete construction drawing for guide erection

* Pre-sale service and after-sale service 




1. Painting: Alcohol acid paint, epoxy zinc rich paint and fluorocarbon paint. Various colors available. Paint dry film thickness is about 60-120 microns.
2. Hot dip galvanized. The hot dip galvanized thickness is about 60 -- 120 microns and 275 -- 500g/square meters.

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